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Just One Call: Achiezer Dinner 2017
January 5, 2017

It's 2 am, and Dov and his family have just been admitted to the emergency room following a serious car accident. He's exhausted, bewildered and in pain. Who can he call for help at this hour? He picks up the phone and dials Achiezer's Urgent Care Line. He is no longer alone. In the eight years since its inception, Achiezer has both expanded its services and streamlined its accessibility. At the same time, its call volume has been steadily rising - so much so, that, in fact, staff members have been added solely to meet this need! Achiezer's mission is not to solve every crisis. Rather, its mission is to be there when a community member reaches out. With JUST ONE CALL, those in need can access a world of help. And that is the beauty of Achiezer.

Achiezer fields calls for a remarkably wide variety of needs and thus, by now, has established many successful programs to address the most common situations.

Below is a sampling of just a few:

When a breadwinner can't make ends meet, he often feels embarrassed, inadequate and as if he has no options. With one call to Achiezer, he can start on the road to financial health and independence - confidentially, of course. Through the Westwood Financial Management Division he can receive assistance in providing his family's immediate needs and - more importantly - guidance for the long-term so that he can become self-sufficient. Over 200 families have tapped in to this kind of help over the last year.

This year, many families and individuals struggled with obtaining health insurance due to changes in the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka "Obamacare"). By reaching out to Achiezer, approximately 1,500 families were set up with the appropriate health insurance. This translates into peace of mind for those enrolled and tens of thousands of dollars of savings for the community at large. Throughout the months of open enrollment, Achiezer staff members worked past 10:00 pm each night to ensure that everyone was properly assisted.

What happens when households are faced with unfortunate, sometimes catastrophic, circumstances that require the help of mental-health professionals? Achiezer's mental-health staff is always available, whether at 2:00 am or twenty minutes before Shabbos, to guide those who require it through difficult circumstances.

Achiezer is always on call, whether for a medical referral, legal counsel, mental health guidance, Shabbos food in the hospital, a ride to a doctor's office... And when a need doesn't fit into a particular box, Achiezer will keep answering the phone - until a solution is found.

The purpose of this year's annual dinner will to celebrate and support Achiezer's proficiency in being there for anyone, at any time, and for any need - a previous community void which the organization has filled. Whatever the matter, no-one should have to feel that they are alone; twenty-four hours a day, there is someone on the other end of the line - not a message, but a real, live person. By supporting Achiezer, you are supporting your community, one phone call at a time.

Join Achiezer in paying tribute to their distinguished honorees, Rabbi and Mrs. Elysha Sandler, Rabbinic Leadership Award; Avi and Pessi Goldstein, Guests of Honor; Mr. Shabsi Schreier, Man of the Year; Joel and Cheryl Baruch, Community Service Award; and Dr. Norman Y. Otsuka, Physician Appreciation Award on February 26, 2017, in supporting a unified goal to always be on call, with just one call.


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