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The Gold Standard in Medical Recommendations: As recently featured in The Jewish Home
January 11, 2017

Part I of a special series highlighting Achiezer's innovative programs which service the community throughout the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

On the desk of Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender, President of Achiezer, sits a small notebook, filled with names of doctors, phone numbers and notations. "The Achiezer you see today," shares Rabbi Bender, "began with these pages. Achiezer was originally founded to help people with medical recommendations. This little notebook," explains Rabbi Bender, "was the precursor to Achiezer's highly successful and sought-after medical-recommendation program, which until today, remains one of the core services we provide."

Whether you are struggling with a recurrent medical issue, are in the hospital facing the possibility of emergency surgery, or have been referred to a specialist by your primary-care physician, the prospect of finding the right provider can be daunting. Which specialists are available locally? How can you determine who is best equipped to treat your issue? And, once you do have a name in hand, can you even secure a timely appointment? The answers to these questions can be life-altering and even, at times, life-saving.

Rabbi Bender explains that concerns such as these comprise the most common phone calls Achiezer receives. Many of these callers need help immediately and connect to Achiezer via the Urgent HotLine manned by Mr. Shalom Jaroslawicz, Mrs. Esther Novak, Mrs. Elke Rubin and Mrs. Aliza Wartelsky. 80% of weekend calls are medical-related - often from those on their way to a hospital or already there. Ably assisted by this team, Rabbi Bender provides invaluable guidance to every caller. His experience and knowledge ensures that every caller is directed to the most appropriate professional for their individual situation regardless of what it takes to make that happen. "Medical crises do not discriminate between socioeconomic groups, background or affiliation," says Rabbi Bender. "You may be a very capable individual, but navigating a world in which you have never stepped foot, particularly when your life or quality of life depends upon your decision, is overwhelming."

By now, Achiezer has amassed a vast network of doctors and specialists in every area. In addition to considering obvious points such as areas of expertise and level of experience, each recommendation takes into account critical side-points, such as doctor availability and insurance coverage. But Achiezer goes way beyond the recommendation. They help patients secure appointments, navigate insurance hurdles and then follow up to ensure that the patient did receive proper care. Because they are known for their unparalleled expertise in this area, Achiezer also receives phone calls from across the tri-state area - Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, etc.

Achiezer regularly works hand-in-hand with Hatzalah; after delivering patients to the hospital, Hatzalah often recommends that family members speak with Achiezer for further assistance. Once upon a time, when someone in the community needed to see a medical specialist, they did not know what options existed, let alone how to secure optimal care as soon as necessary. Yes, there were medical referral agencies, but they did not cater to the Far Rockaway-Five Towns and surrounding communities. Today, there is Achiezer.

No one wants to be hospitalized. No one wants to face medical crisis. But when the need arises, Rabbi Bender and his staff are there to offer guidance based on years of experience to make an overwhelming and sometimes frightening situation just a little bit easier.

Thanks to the dedicated team at Achiezer, medical recommendations of this caliber are available to the community with just one call.

Join Achiezer on February 26, 2017, in supporting a unified goal to always be on call, with just one call.


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