1 • 5 • 20
achiezer annual gala
community gala
the sands
1395 Beech Street
atlantic Beach, nY
6:00 Buffet reception   |   7:00 Featured Video Presentation & Awards Ceremony   |   8:00 dessert
guests of honor
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man of the year
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excellence in medicine award
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young leadership award
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pillar of chesed award
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dinner chairmen
Adam Okun
Moshe Wolfson
journal chairmen
Zvi Bloom
Moti Hellman
Working with the community, for the community, Achiezer provides unparalleled support through the duration of any difficult time. With a range of services and achievements that runs the gamut from community-wide disaster management to individualized medical, financial, emotional, or practical support, Achiezer maintains an on-call network of professionals, eager and ready to provide assistance with utmost care, expertise and sensitivity.
an organization that is far greater
than the sum of its parts
Achiezer has come to be one of the defining attributes of our community – a manifestation of the kind generosity and selfless dedication that are the very fabric of the greater Five Towns and Far Rockaway communities.
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Achiezer's Urgent Hotline is Available 24 HOURS A DAY By Calling 516-791-4444 OR 718-337-4400
334 Central Avenue Lawrence, NY 11559 P: 516.791.4444 F: 516.592.5643
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