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Achiezer COVID-19 Update Wednesday 4/29 3PM
April 29, 2020
Dear Community,

After so many weeks, this difficult pandemic continues to drag on. While reports do often sound grim, we do, Baruch Hashem, see encouraging signs that we are headed in the right direction. We continue to speak with the area hospitals daily, who report a more than ten day streak of reduced COVID-19 admissions. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of New York City and Long Island residents still on ventilators, several of which are from our own community. However, as a result of the reduced COVID-19 admissions, these hospitalized patients (and their families) are receiving better care.

On behalf of our COVID-19 task force, we commend and express our gratitude to both Northwell Health and Mount Sinai South Nassau for making themselves available to our community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please note, that while the curve is definitely flattening and new cases have dropped dramatically, there are still Far Rockaway, Bayswater and Five Towns residents who are actively showing new signs of COVID-19 infection. This report should encourage safety and vigilance. We are keenly aware that the continued guidelines for strict social distancing are difficult to adhere to. While of course, these are State guidelines and not within our purview to mandate, we can definitely link our community's strong stance to a low fatality rate and a definitive result which has saved lives.

Many have inquired regarding donating plasma. While many doctors do not feel that there is enough clinical data to support widespread plasma donations, there has been a group of community activists who have worked tirelessly on this end with some early promising results. As of this writing, the local blood banks are saturated with donors. While there is no need to arrange an emergency blood plasma drive, we do encourage those able to, to contact the New York Blood Bank or Mount Sinai South Nassau to donate plasma.

With respect to antibody testing, we understand that so many in the community are looking to find out whether or not they have developed antibodies to COVID-19. While many legitimate and reputable centers are now offering antibody blood tests, it behooves us to share the following. Though these tests do indeed have accuracy in showing antibody presence (IgG), they don't provide a quantitative result. Additionally, the CDC and DOH have not definitively confirmed whether or not one remains contagious after developing antibodies. Therefore, our guiding physicians continue to stress that social distancing and other personal decisions should not be made on the basis of these blood test results. There is simply no added medical value to conducting these tests. If one has extenuating medical circumstances which need to be addressed, please email covid19@achiezer.org.

After discussion with Governor Cuomo's office yesterday, we wish to remind you that while there is a possibility of certain restrictions being eased mid-May (we do not yet know which areas this applies to), they have reminded us that any gatherings or office openings will only be allowed with individuals' faces properly covered. Note that the mouth and nose must be covered when in public.

As a community, we are only stronger when united.

Please continue to check on the elderly and vulnerable.
Please continue to refrain from gathering with other families.
Please continue to reach out to us if you feel there is a neighbor or friend who needs assistance.

Our community has seen incredible nissim that have left even physicians dumbfounded. Let us continue to utilize the power of tefilla for all cholei yisrael.

Despite the current pandemic, our staff is fully operational and here for the community. Please feel free to reach out to us for assistance in any manner:

For all medical recommendations and hospital-based matters, please email erubin@achiezer.org or call 516-791-4444 ext. 105.
For any shopping, errands, or any volunteer related matters, please email arosenberg@achiezer.org or call 516-791-4444 ext. 125.
For any family crises or financial related matters, please email awartelsky@achiezer.org or call 516-791-4444 ext. 112.
For any chevra kadisha needs, please email shalomj@achiezer.org or call 516-791-4444 ext. 106.
For any donation inquiries or to assist with the continued cost of this ongoing effort, please email ahirsch@achiezer.org or call 516-791-4444 ext. 129.
For Meals 'n More, please email meals@achiezer.org (please note that at this time the program is limited to Zucker Hillside and maternity patients only).
For any insurance related inquiries, please email smiller@achiezer.org or call 516-791-4444 ext. 132.
For medical equipment, please email mpicker@achiezer.org or call 516-791-4444 ext. 110.
For COVID related inquiries (for testing, quarantine, etc.), please contact covid19@achiezer.org. PLEASE NOTE that this is NOT for urgent medical inquiries.

With wishes for besuros tovos,

Team Achiezer

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