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One Community, One Response
September 25, 2020
Dear Community,

As we approach the holiest day of the year, one which is generally reserved for reflection and tefilos, we are very well aware of the many thoughts weighing on the minds of so many. This has been one of the hardest years experienced on so many levels, the last 7 to 10 days included. The increase in positive cases, the continuous school closures, general anxiety and lack of communication from the varying health agencies is so difficult and frustrating.

The purpose of this writing is to clearly discuss what we as a community can do to help each other through this pandemic and furthermore to let each of you know what we have been doing on your behalf. Many of you have asked for these precise details and we hope that this memo will detail much of that.

We want each and every community member to be up to date and aware of the advocacy being done on your behalf. These efforts are intense and relentless.


Unfortunately, some schools have been closed (and potentially more likely will be), sending thousands of children onto our streets. Setting aside the calamity of no education and children doing things that they otherwise would not be tangled up with, there are so many homes with two working parents that practically speaking, have no solution in sight. While we appreciate and understand that the City is trying to keep us safe from a health perspective we also adamantly disagree with the protocols behind these school closures- and we have not been sitting by idly. Our team has been at work for the last many days literally waging "war" with every City official, including the Mayor himself, imploring them to tweak the protocols and work with us to ensure that our community is not unnecessarily targeted; something we will not tolerate.
While we wish each of these efforts would yield immediate results, we also know that it is not reality. That being said, we want you to know that we will not rest until the fight is won. These negotiations are ongoing and every measure is on the table.

Please note: We are in direct contact with our Nassau County Executive, monitoring the uptick in our community and continuing to monitor the protocols governing the schools located within Nassau County.


The uptick in the community is real.
In the last 72 hours alone more than 70 community members have tested positive. The number is likely much higher. To those who wish to argue that most of these people are not seriously ill; certainly this has some validity to it. However, the facts are the facts. More than a handful of community members have now been transported or brought to area hospitals with serious Covid symptoms.
At the same time, we have, Baruch Hashem, confirmed that the Covid volume in our area hospitals has not been "notable" in any way.
Does this mean that the sky is falling in? Does this mean that we are back in March?
Certainly not.
However, if certain basic safeguards are not put into place to ensure that we stop the spread, then we as a community will have missed an opportunity to really stop this latest "wave" from getting worse.


The fact is that symptomatic community members went to shul Rosh Hashana, subsequently tested positive, exposed many others, one of which now includes an elderly patient that has been hospitalized.

If you have any sort of symptom, whether it's the flu, a cough, a stomachache, a cold or ANYTHING out of the norm, do not leave your house, do not go to shul and do not mingle with others.

Over Sukkos, do not travel out-of-state. Doing so is reckless and will only hamper the efforts of so many schools in our community working tirelessly to reopen after Sukkos.

While we don't wish to be extremist and certainly we are hopeful and fervently daven that this current wave not be nearly as dangerous as the previous, we need to stop manipulating with the rules of quarantine. If someone tests positive, they must follow the guidelines and sit through the entire quarantine period. If one was directly exposed to somebody who tested is positive, then he/she must quarantine. This includes not going to a store or shul, even with a mask and even if you have antibodies. If you have particular extenuating circumstances then please consult with your PCP or family pediatrician.

Finally, wear a mask when in public and amongst others who are not part of your own family. We understand the very real inconvenience for many, but they will save everyone a lot of heartache. Aside from the health benefits, we need to do our part as we advocate for our community in every way possible.

In conclusion, let us be the unified community that others envy and that we are truly capable of being.

We at Achiezer will be spending the rest of the day speaking to community doctors and Rabbonim, ensuring that we all get on the same page, project the same message and most of all making certain that this community knows that we are fighting on their behalf.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos, meaningful fast and may we all merit being sealed in the Book of Life.

Team Achiezer

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