Achiezer-Community Resource Center
24 hour emergency hotline: 516-791-4444
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Founder and President
Rabbi Boruch B. Bender

Chairman of The Board
Shulie Wollman

Lloyd Keilson
Ronald Lowinger

Alan Botwinick C.P.A.

Executive Board
Dovid Bloom
Jay Gelman
Moti Hellman
Michael Krengel
Ben Lowinger
Yakov Mirocznik
Moshe Schreiber
Aron Solomon
Shulie Wollman
Joel Yarmak

Board of Directors
Moshe Bloom
Alon Goldberger
Carmi Gruenbaum
Rabbi Dovid Greenblatt
Shlomo Z. Gutfreund
Rabbi Yehiel M. Kalish
Meir Krengel
Aroni Parnes
Adam Okun
Menachem Pollack
Rabbi Aron Rosenberg
Josh Szpilzinger
Shlomo Zuller

Intake Coordinator
Esther Novak

Health Insurance

Sruly Miller
Hinda Sara Loeb

Mental Health

Dr. Brucha
Lowinger, Psy. D.


Elke Rubin

Internal Program

Aliza Wartelsky

Emergency Services

Shalom  Jaroslawicz, RN

Legal Counsel
Yosef H. Kanner, Esq..
B. David Schreiber, Esq.

Insurance Consultant
Carmi Gruenbaum

Relations Liaison

Michael Fragin

Achiezer was established in 2008 at the behest of local rabbinic and community leaders who saw a need for change. These visionaries dreamed of creating one master organization, which would completely remove the burden of crisis management from the shoulders of shocked and distressed victims. They dreamed of an organization that would be there for the entire community—at any time, for any difficulty, large or small.

They dreamed of Achiezer.

Achiezer is a unique organization, which combines the strengths of all existing communal resources along with its own formidable capabilities. Achiezer spearheads and coordinates the many different aspects involved in assisting individuals and families confronted by challenges, from start to finish.

Whether the situation calls for medical, financial, emotional, or practical support, Achiezer's team of medical, mental health, and other professionals enables clients to access the assistance that they need in a caring, professional, and confidential fashion.

Working with the community, for the community, Achiezer provides unparalleled support throughout the duration of any difficult time.

Founder and President
Rabbi Boruch B. Bender
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