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Granting Peace of Mind: Achiezer's Insurance Department
February 8, 2017

Part V of a special series highlighting Achiezer's innovative programs which service the community throughout the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why do people come to Achiezer to run an insurance application? Anyone with internet access can run an application on their own...

The truth is that applying for and obtaining the right plan can be a daunting, overwhelming task. Since the inception of the Affordable HealthCare Act ("Obamacare"), it's only gotten more complicated. "The experience we have amassed over the years saves people hours of time and so much aggravation," shares Sruly Miller, Coordinator of Achiezer's Insurance Department.

Achiezer's Insurance Department is one of the most sought-after programs of its kind, with people traveling from far beyond the Five Towns and Far Rockaway for expert insurance solutions. Sruly, enabled by Hinda Sora Loeb and Esty Winer, walks individuals and families through the complex health-insurance enrollment process. Typically, an application is run in just twenty to twenty-five minutes. Mr. Miller explains that it is impossible for an unexperienced individual to duplicate that. Achiezer staff also provide answers to clients' questions and gives clear information regarding the available programs, choices of insurance plans and explanations of benefits. And after an application has been completed, clients can easily follow-up with further questions and concerns - no playing phone tag or frustrating long wait lines.

The Insurance Department has grown tremendously since the opening of the Affordable Care website, which is known as "the Marketplace" in New York State. Before Obamacare, the Insurance Department serviced close to 600 families annually. Currently, it services over 1,500! This department has evolved to meet the increased demand by keeping up to date with the most recent available insurance programs, as well as creating and maintaining relationships with State representatives and putting in extra time during the annual Open-Enrollment season.

Not only does the Insurance Department expedite the process, their experience and expertise also ensure the best possible outcome for applicants. "Some of what the applications ask for is really not clear-cut. People can spend so much time trying to interpret the questions," explains Mr. Miller. "At Achiezer, we know what they are asking for, and we offer valuable guidance about how to answer the questions most effectively.

Although the Insurance Department is busy all year round, its busiest season by far is from mid-November through mid-December during Open Enrollment in the Marketplace; which is like "tax season" for Achiezer's insurance experts.

During that time, Mr. Miller finds that he is booked solid with clients until 5:30 pm each day. He then remains in the office until at least 9 PM to assist walk-ins and callers, literally staying until the last person has been helped. This year alone, over 400 families were assisted with obtaining insurance during this time.

Calculate the value of all these insurance plans, and you'll realize that the amount of money being saved for the community at large through this program is staggering! Each free or subsidized insurance plan is valued at $5,000.00. Multiply that by the number of people who have been helped this year, and the product is an amazing $7,500,000.00 - which is in truth a modest estimate, since many of those applying are actually heads of households with multiple members.

In the event that someone's circumstances have changed - whether he is no longer eligible for a public plan or has become eligible due to loss of income - the Insurance Department is equipped to assist. No matter the situation, Mr. Miller and his staff work to ensure that clients understand the choices and are able to make decisions based on a clear understanding of what is being offered. But the success of the Insurance Department goes beyond the numbers and the quality of work that is being completed. Achiezer has created a warm, yet professional environment, where clients are assured that all information will remain confidential. Experts address any and all concerns about what is covered, which offices accept which plans and any other questions clients might have. Often, an issue comes up, whether at the time of the application, regarding a pre-existing condition, or the sudden need for a medical referral, and thanks to Achiezer's other existing programs, these creases are quickly ironed out and dealt with in a specialized manner.

The many community members who have benefited from this wonderful, efficiently run program can attest to leaving Achiezer's Insurance Department feeling relaxed, at ease with the knowledge that what seemed to be an overwhelming hurdle has been handled in the best way possible. Yes, the benefits here are manifold, reflecting a tremendous savings of time, money - and peace of mind. And no one can put a price on that!

Thanks to Achiezer, so many community members have saved thousands of dollars, hours of time and had peace of mind when it came to their health insurance... all with just one call. Join Achiezer on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at Bay Harbour Mall, in supporting a unified goal to always be on call, with just one call.


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