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Targeting Financial Success: Real Tools for How to Get There
July 20, 2017
Targeting Financial Success: Real Tools for How to Get There

My husband and I are both bringing in respectable salaries, but we don't have a good sense of where it's all going and if there's any room for us to save for the future.

I work hard and I have some great ideas. Now I want to take my business to the next level.

All of our friends are earning great rewards with their credit cards, but we just keep using ours to get through the end of the month. What are we doing wrong?

Join community members for an exciting evening out and empower yourself with concrete, practical financial advice to enable you to make the right choices for success.

Achiezer's upcoming Financial Seminar offers participants access to four professionals with extensive experience in their fields. All of them are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with the community to encourage financial independence and growth.

Sara Glaz, Financial Advisor at Munk Wealth Management Group, will be guiding participants in understanding where and how to invest money responsibly and evaluate levels of risk. She will be outlining options for allowing money to grow safely and create funds for future needs.

Stacey Zrihen, Senior Advisor of the Achiezer Financial Management Program, will be focusing on how to create a budget. Attaining this valuable skill is the number one way to achieve a better understanding of one's personal finances. One can determine how much capital they really have to invest or if a regular shortfall of funds needs to be addressed to achieve financial health.

Yitzchak Meystelman, Esq., Managing Partner at IM Law Group, will be addressing how to avoid the pitfalls of credit cards by teaching participants the guidelines for responsible credit card use: if and when to use them - and how they can be beneficial.

Alex Pfeffer, Human Resources and Logistics Consultant at Castlepoint Consulting, will offer invaluable tips and direction for how to grow in any profession. He will explain the skills one will need to move forward, regardless of their area of expertise.

This long-awaited evening of education will be chaired by Mr. Morris Smith, who has so much to offer, culled from his many years of experience in the financial management and investment world.

Join us on Wednesday, July 26, and arm yourself with the tools for success, growth and accomplishment. Invest one evening and learn the answers that can propel you to greater achievements. It might just be one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Program is open to men and women at no cost and will run from 7 PM until 9 PM. Each session will be moderated to allow for questions and answers and to ensure sufficient time for all presenters.

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