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Achiezer's Westwood Financial Management Division
August 08, 2017
"I wish we had a program like this in high school. So many of my friends could have benefited from it."

That's an actual quote from one of the many enthusiastic participants in Achiezer's recent seminar, "Targeting Financial Success," which was held on July 26. This community member shared his feelings that it is this kind of proactive education that can enable community members to function with a healthy financial perspective.

The program was attended by men and women of all ages and backgrounds, from young, up-and-coming businessmen, to middle-aged couples looking to get their finances in order, to motivated employees wishing to advance their careers.

The room was packed, with every seat taken and then some. Mr. Morris Smith, who has years of experience in the financial management and investment world, opened the program and spoke about how crucial it is to properly manage and understand one's financial situation and economic health.

Participants were privileged to hear from four professionals with extensive experience in their fields. All of them were enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with the community to encourage financial independence and growth.

Sara Glaz, Financial Advisor at Munk Wealth Management Group, explored how to invest money responsibly and evaluate level of risk. Stacey Zrihen, Senior Advisor, Achiezer Financial Management Program, focused on how to create a budget, the number-one way to achieve a better understanding of personal finances. Yitzchak Meystelman, Esq., Managing Partner at IM Law Group, discussed guidelines for responsible credit-card use and understanding credit scoring. And Alex Pfeffer, Human Resources and Logistics Consultant at Castlepoint Consultant, spoke about how to work one's way up in the business world to earn promotions and raises. Each address was on target and to the point, allowing the program to finish promptly as scheduled.

The presentations were followed by a lively and exciting question-and-answer session, moderated by Mr. Michael Fragin, after which many people lined up to for further discussion with presenters.

Enthusiastic participants agreed that this evening out was an enjoyable and worthwhile investment. They left feeling empowered with concrete, practical financial advice to enable them to real choices for success.

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