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October 21, 2018
Just three years ago, a group of people in our community decided to step up for the community.
At that point, Achiezer had been servicing the community for 8 years and was known for the chesed principals for which it stands. These individuals felt that the Far Rockaway, Five Towns and surrounding communities personify kindness and it was time to take that to a whole new level. With so many volunteers in the community, each with their own unique capabilities, and so many recipients in the community requiring varying services and turning to Achiezer for help, the connection was natural. The solution has been trailblazing: CIMBY. Chesed In My Back Yard.

This past Sunday, more than 500 people, young and old, trekked out to Beach 76th Street and the Far Rockaway Boardwalk for the third annual CIMBY Run. Yes, the temperatures were a bit nippy and the winds were fierce, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm and excitement of those gathered. Over the past two months, more than 140 runners spent time fundraising for three valuable Achiezer programs which service our community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

Chesed Shel Emes - Achiezer's Zichron Dovid Chevrah Kadisha is the first of its kind. With volunteers running the gamut from Bayswater to North Woodmere, this venture has truly become a resource for community members in their most difficult time.

Hospital Respite Rooms - What began nearly eight years ago with a single Respite Room at South Nassau Communities Hospital has mushroomed to nearly seven rooms at nearly all of the local hospitals. Anyone who has ever found themselves in a hospital situation can attest what a relief these rooms are.

Family Yom Tov Fund - Throughout the year, the Westwood Financial Management Division helps hundreds of "regular" families navigate these difficult financial times. Oftentimes however, even with the most balanced of budgets expenses can feel overwhelming. Therefore, before each Yom Tov, Achiezer privately and with utmost dignity helps ensure that hundreds of community families are able to enjoy Yom Tov like their neighbors.

The CIMBY event makes all of this possible.

This year, nearly 100 junior runners ran this with love and excitement knowing that they were having a great time and supporting chesed initiatives. Special shout out to top fundraiser, junior runner Shalom Gutman who raised over $1,500 and to Naftali Muller, Eli Chaikin, Mordechai Picker, Daniel Levitin and Yaakov Winzelberg for reaching incredible fundraising goals. Emcee Mosey Kaplan once again did a phenomenal job recognizing the amazing sponsors of the event and lovingly calling out the names of each runner as he sprinted past the finish line.
Once the junior run was complete a full array of entertainment expertly coordinated by Yitzy Haber awaited the children.

Due to high winds, the post run barbeque was unable to take place in the previously planned tent. At the last moment, Yeshiva Darchei Torah of Far Rockaway graciously stepped forward offering their dining room. Hundreds of community members joined in the festivities catered by Carlos and Gabby's which was a beautiful showing of community and unity. Rabbi Boruch Ber Bender offered his thanks to the runners for participating, their amazing fundraising efforts, and he encouraged the community members to continue to do Chesed and show others that they care.
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