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Achiezer COVID-19 Update Sunday 3/15 2PM
March 15, 2020
The following are the latest updates as of Sunday, March 15, 2020 at 2:00 PM:


We understand that numerous community members are continuing to inquire about testing capabilities as many in the community continue to experience symptoms. Based on collected information from several experts in the field, please note as follows:

* If you are experiencing symptoms (i.e., dry cough, fever etc.) and suspect that you may have COVID-19, the suggested protocol is to voluntarily quarantine until the symptoms subside. The recommendation is that anyone who is not feeling well should stay home for seven days and until you are fever free for a minimum of 72 hours. While in quarantine, please contact your primary care physician who can try to arrange for a test. If your PCP is unable to procure a test, please refer to the numbers provided below for testing.
* Additionally, Go Health Urgent Care (operated by Northwell) has several locations on Long Island. Once you've determined the Go Health location closest to you, call this location where they will route you to a dedicated call center manned by nurses who will screen you over the phone. This will prevent you from possibly taking an unnecessary trip. Some people may still not meet the testing criteria, however we are advised that within several hours the criteria will loosen enabling more to be tested.
* PLEASE NOTE as testing becomes more readily available we will see more positive cases within the community. However, infectious disease experts advise that this will cause more to quarantine, thereby slowing the spread and ultimately will save lives resulting in less serious cases and deaths Chas Veshalom. * Many individuals that are currently asymptomatic are inquiring about testing. Currently physicians are recommending that asymptomatic individuals are NOT required to be tested- especially inasmuch as there is a shortage of tests available and it behooves us to reserve them for those who need them.
* We have spoken with the State this morning who advised us that a mobile testing site is in the works and should be set up in Jones Beach within the next 2 days. We will share the relevant information once the same becomes available. * We are working closely with Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer-Amato, who is working tirelessly to address the need for more testing in the Far Rockaway area. As soon as we have the specifics on this testing site, we will share.


Based on the Department of Health, the following are the recommended guidelines for quarantine at this time:

* People displaying mild COVID-19 symptoms should isolate and stay at home during their illness. The decision on when to discontinue these precautions should be made on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with your primary care physician.
* No outside visitors should be allowed in any home whatsoever if any of the members are displaying symptoms, even if they have not tested positive for COVID-19.
* Spouses and children of even symptomatic individuals do not need to quarantine themselves unless a positive test returns. Of course, if a member of the family develops symptoms, they should be quarantined as well.
* As of the writing of this message, if you are feeling well and display no symptoms, but have been in contact with someone who does display symptoms, you are not required to quarantine.
* If you have had direct contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19, a 14 day quarantine period is recommended.
* If you have been in contact with someone who has had contact with a third party that has tested positive, you need not quarantine yourself at this point.

Doctors have advised that, as much of this is new to the medical field, these recommendations are subject to change.

How does one quarantine themselves?

* Simply put, this means, no leaving your home except for medical care.
* Those in quarantine who do not have a fever or new cough may interact with their families and sleep and eat with them, with continued frequent handwashing etc.
* If you have a fever or new cough, it is recommended to avoid kitchen and common family areas. While not always feasible, try to use separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

Perhaps this may seems illogical, but understand that these measures are meant to prevent the further spread of illness. If you have any questions, please consult with your primary care physician.


As previously shared, many shuls and schools have now closed. Achiezer staff have consulted with three separate infectious disease experts within the last twelve hours who have all strongly stated that the only way for the spread to slow down in our community is by simply locking down and staying home. While a large group of symptomatic community members are still awaiting results, there are a handful of positive cases within the community. If we become aware of any clusters of positive cases within the community, we will share that information.

Numerous local Rabbis were in touch this morning regarding ongoing closures of shuls, schools and other local establishments. They plan to release a statement in the coming hours.


Parents and children alike are dealing with anxiety and other questions in dealing with the current pandemic. We wish to remind you that our mental health staff is available to answer any questions you may have. You can confidentially reach this department by dialing (516) 791-4444 ext. 108.


Please tune to our website www.achiezer.org after 4PM this afternoon for a special presentation for children by Rabbi Yoni Posnick. Please check our website for updated kids programming, which we hope to update daily.


Go Health Urgent Care (516) 441-2155
New York State COVID-19 Hot Line (888) 364-3065 (Report sickness, check symptoms or request testing)
Nassau County COVID-19 Hotline (516) 227-9570 (Report sickness, check symptoms or request testing)

You can continue to rely on the Achiezer team for updated and relevant information. As a reminder, our hotline is manned on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week, for urgent matters.

With the anticipation that our community cope as best as possible in these trying times,

Team Achiezer

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