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Erev Pesach Update from Achiezer 4/8
April 08, 2020
This erev Yom Tov is different than any other for so many. It's been a harrowing few weeks yet we've seen unprecedented brotherhood among an amazing community that we are privileged to be a part of. It is our fervent wish that the Ribono Shel Olam sees this brotherhood, has mercy on us and brings the ultimate geula.

As we head into Yom Tov in the midst of a pandemic like we've never experienced, there is much anxiety, fear and loneliness throughout the community. This is further compounded by many people home alone throughout Yom Tov. To that end, Achiezer and Madraigos (with the consultation of daas Torah) have teamed up with more than a dozen therapists in the community to staff a special hotline which will be manned throughout the first days of Yom Tov. This number is open to the entire community and can be accessed for those dealing with intense or vulnerable situations via (516) 791-4444.

Due to hospital restrictions most of the Achiezer Respite Rooms will regrettably be closed for Pesach (this wont affect most as unfortunately visitors are not allowed in the hospital). However, we will be stocking the Bikur Cholim Room at Cohen's Children's Hospital at LIJ which is located in the basement opposite the cafeteria.

We understand that over Yom Tov, many have loved ones in the hospital. In the event of any hospital-based urgent situation, please contact our urgent hotline (516) 791-4444, and we will do our best to assist you.

While we hope it is not chas veshalom not needed, for any chevra kadisha or death related matters, please utilize our urgent hotline (516) 791-4444, where a dedicated team will be on call to assist.

Reminder: Any and all medical equipment requests can only be implemented under the guidance of a physician, by calling our urgent hotline, (516) 791-4444.

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