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Achiezer COVID-19 Update Friday 5/8 3PM
May 08, 2020
Dear Community,

Baruch Hashem, we continue to see tremendous improvements in positive trends within the community. We receive daily updates from local hospitals, who report a nearly three week streak of reduced COVID cases as well as a major reduction in the spread of infection. The occurrences of new infection have also dropped dramatically. This reminds us that the aggressive social distancing and lockdown measures taken have done wonders in keeping us all safe.

Our team has received calls around the clock regarding minyanim. As previously stated, these decisions have been made and continue to be made by community Rabbanim. While many leading infectious disease experts do feel that outdoor "porch style" minyanim (where no one leaves their own property) are safe, please refer to your specific Rav and/or Shul for a particular decision.

While there have been very few cases of new infection in the community, most of these have been from the elderly population. The elderly and immunocompromised must still adhere to very strict precautionary measures.

There have been reports regarding a Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome in children which overlaps with Kawasaki Disease and Toxic Shock Syndrome. While there is no reason to panic, please contact your pediatrician if your child exhibits any unusual symptoms surrounding a rash, fever and abdominal pain.

This prolonged isolation causes stress and anxiety that even the strongest person finds tough to handle. Our mental health department, led by Dr. Brucha Lowinger, is completely confidential and accessible. Dr. Lowinger can be reached at blowinger@achiezer.org or by calling (516) 791-4444 ext. 108.

For clarification purposes: At this point in time, New York State regulations still prohibit any sort of gathering (such as a wedding, Bar Mitzva, etc.). If there is a simcha in your family or any situation that you are unsure about, please do the proper due diligence. Feel free to be in touch with our staff with any questions surrounding this matter and we will do our best to provide you with accurate information from both the local law enforcement and the government.

All individuals are still required to wear a mask when in public. Note that the mask must cover the mouth and nose.

For continued questions regarding social distancing and quarantine protocols, please email covid19@achiezer.org.

We have a beta program in the works for Senior Citizens at home to provide them with tablets enabling them to communicate with their loved ones via video conference. Details to follow.

These unprecedented times pose a financial challenge for everyone. Many are navigating the unchartered territory of unemployment, furlough, stimulus and government assistance. Achiezer's Westwood Financial Management Division has created a task force comprised of Achiezer staff as well as professionals from within the community. To access this assistance, please contact awartelsky@achiezer.org or call 516-791-4444 ext. 112.

A group of dedicated activists have come together to create a new platform to promote local small businesses that have been struggling in the wake of the current pandemic. To access this directory, please visit www.frumbiz.org.

As always, we are fully operational during these trying times. Feel free to reach out to us during regular business hours for any need. Our urgent line is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wishing you a restful Shabbos,

Team Achiezer

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