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Achiezer COVID-19 Update Monday 5/25 2PM
May 25, 2020
Dear Community,

Our town has shown incredible resiliency in adherence to the laws, which surely has sure has dropped contagions within the community, thereby getting us to where we are today. We are now aware of almost no new cases within the last week across the community. Of course, we are still not out of the woods and need to continue to do everything that we can to stop the spread.

According to most physicians, antibody testing does have value and while not necessary, it is certainly helpful in providing peace of mind and possibly the next step in reopening. Baruch Hashem, last Wednesday's Antibody Drive allowed for nearly 1,0000 community members to test for antibodies. We are grateful to those that assisted us in allowing this to materialize. To that end, the Northwell Facility at Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv is now capable of providing antibody testing as well. To sign up for testing, please visit https://www.hatzolair.org/antibody/.

In consultation with our NYPD and NCPD partners, who work directly with the Governor's and Mayor's office, outdoor minyanim which are held, should continue to be held with strictest adherence to the rules established (i.e., small groups of fifteen people or less with strict social distancing at all times). With regards to the Governor's latest ruling on indoor minyanim, our understanding at this time is that ten people at a time may be allowed in the building, provided that social distancing is in place at all times. Our local Rabbanim have been working closely with law enforcement to figure out the specific parameters for each shul.

Dr. Brucha Lowinger continues to be available for the community, as does a team of therapists, in conjunction with Madraigos, so that anybody who needs can reach out to us anytime at (516) 791-4444 ext 108.
Specifically, there are unfortunately many new widows due to COVID19. Please email Laura_Bart@ohelfamily.org for more details on a support group initiated by OHEL and Achiezer for widows who have lost their husbands to COVID19.

Aliza Wartelsky continues to lead our Westwood Financial Management Division, assisting those suffering financially with unemployment issues, furlough, government and organizational assistance and job search. We now have a task force comprised of professionals supporting her. For those that need, please reach out to awartelsky@achiezer.org or call (516) 791-4444 ext 112.

Please visit frumbiz.org, a website for those seeking employment or looking to hire within our community. Elke Rubin from our staff, with Job Board experience, is liaising with this group, and those seeking employment opportunities should refer to this website.

With Shavuos upon us, there are many who are still isolated. If you are aware of anyone that will be alone for Yom Tov, please let us know so that we can brighten their Yom Tov.

Infectious disease experts all agree that when amongst your own family members or when taking a personal walk, a mask is not required. However, until we know that this disease is truly gone, we need to be fair to others and those susceptible to the disease.
When you are out, or walking through a crowded area, in a grocery store, picking up takeout- forget protecting yourself- protect others- wear a mask. Note that the mask is ineffective if it does not cover your nose and mouth.
As questions regarding mask wearing, testing and other continue to come up, please feel free to reach out to covid19@achiezer.org and we will try our best to assist.

Best wishes,

Team Achiezer

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