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Erev Shabbos, July 3, 2020 - COVID19 Update
July 03, 2020
Dear Community,

It's been a while since our last correspondence. As the summer season begins with COVID19 still very much at the forefront of our minds, we must reflect on the remarkable progress and siyata dishmaya which our community has been zocheh to.

The spread of COVID19 has mostly stopped. The current hospitalization rate from our community is mostly zero and the daily admission rate is in the single digits (or lower) over the last few days at local hospitals.

We are aware of various circulating bulletins and rumors of new infections across Far Rockaway and the Five Towns. Prior to the writing of this email, our staff has conducted dozens of phone calls to community members, lay leaders, rabbonim, hospital directors and physicians in order to accurately collect information and provide a pointed update and recommendations.

Please note there have been numerous messages around the community of outbreaks that have been found to be entirely false. We urge you to refrain from forwarding such messages which cause fear and unnecessary anxiety. If we have anything to share, we will.

The Facts:

There are several newly infected people and possible new exposures across our community.
There are no "groups" or "clusters" that are newly infected.
Those that are newly infected are feeling fine and are not seriously ill.

We are consulting daily with the camps who have opened so that they can monitor the safety of their campers.

It is our collective responsibility to remain as safe as possible, whenever possible. If you are out in a public setting (i.e., a store or other highly congregated area), please wear a mask. If not for yourself, please do so to protect those around you.

Finally, while the new cases in our community have been minimal, there is a greater risk of spread to those traveling in from out of state. Furthermore, the new cases in our community have been directly linked to out of state visitors. If you have family or friends (or you yourself are) visiting from a State that is considered a "hot spot," you must follow the CDC quarantine guidelines. Understand that these areas contain some of the worst spread to date and failure to follow these guidelines puts many people's lives in danger.

Wishing the entire community a safe, healthy and restful Shabbos.

Team Achiezer

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