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Thursday Updates from Achiezer
July 09, 2020
Dear Community,

To follow up on our prior correspondence, with the Covid-19 pandemic still very much at the forefront of our minds, we continue to closely monitor any new infections within the community as well as keep a close eye on any potential outbreaks or clusters of infection. As the several new infections are cause for concern, it is necessary to exercise caution and stay safe.

The reports from both New York City and Nassau County governments have certainly been encouraging. As previously mentioned, we must continue to do our part in stopping the spread. Whether this means to wear masks, monitor one's health carefully, or to quarantine when arriving from a "hot spot," these collective measures can make all the difference.

The purpose of this email is to inform the community that, after consultation with medical advisory and government officials, both of our office locations in Far Rockaway and the Five Towns have now safely re-opened. While Achiezer was never "closed" throughout this difficult period, we do feel that our actual presence in the offices will enable us to more efficiently service the community.

As a general reminder, below is the contact information for the various departments within our organization:

*For medical recommendations, hospital advocacy or support, please contact Elke Rubin at erubin@achiezer.org or (516) 791-4444 ext. 105.
*For insurance enrollment matters, please contact Sruly Miller at insurance@achiezer.org or (516) 791-4444 ext. 132.
*For mental health matters, please contact Dr. Brucha Lowinger at blowinger@achiezer.org or (516) 791-4444 ext. 108. All matters are kept strictly confidential.
*For family crises and financial management, please contact Aliza Wartelsky at awartelsky@achiezer.org or (516) 791-4444 ext. 112.
*For chevra kadisha issues or after-hours crisis intervention services, please contact Shalom Jaroslawicz at shalomj@achiezer.org or (516) 791-4444 ext. 106.
*For volunteer related needs and services, please contact Adina Rosenberg at arosenberg@achiezer.org or (516) 791-4444 ext. 125.
*For our hospital Meals 'n More program, please email meals@achiezer.org.
*For any donation inquiries, please contact Adina Hirsch at ahirsch@achiezer.org or (516) 791-4444 ext. 129.
*For any public relation matters, please contact Milka Keilson at mkeilson@achiezer.org or (516) 791-4444 ext. 113.
*For medical equipment, please contact Mordechai Picker at mpicker@achiezer.org or (516) 791-4444 ext. 110.
*For any Covid-19 related issues, such as quarantine, testing or general guidance, please contact covid19@achiezer.org. Please note that this is NOT for urgent medical inquiries.

As is evident, Achiezer's team is ready, willing and able to serve the community. If there is a service not mentioned above, please reach out to us at info@achiezer.org and we will direct you to the proper department. We can also always be reached at (516) 791-4444 and have staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent matters.

It is our fervent tefillah that the days ahead continue to brighten and that the threat of this pandemic will soon be behind us.

Wishing our community a safe and enjoyable summer!

Team Achiezer

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