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Important Erev Shabbos Update- Friday, August 21
August 21, 2020
Dear Community,

As the camp season comes to a close and we head towards a school year that we hope will soon begin, we felt it prudent to update the community on the COVID situation in our area.

We have enjoyed several nearly "virus free" weeks, as the spread- in children and adults alike - has been almost nonexistent. However, over the last 7 to 10 days, we have seen a significant uptick in positive cases in the Far Rockaway/Bayswater area including several new cases in several different areas within the last 72 hours. In addition there have been many new cases across almost every part of the Five Towns with Nassau County Government reporting particularly high numbers within the Five Towns in comparison to the rest of the County.

While caution must be used when using terms such as "outbreak," or "surge" etc. we also must acknowledge and understand that the spread of active covid-19 cases within our community is very much real and something we need to be very vigilant of.
Baruch Hashem, from what we have seen thus far, 99% of said cases were not critical nor have majority of them resulted in serious illness or hospitalization. There have however been some patients with serious and persistent symptoms.

While doctors have reported that this current strain of the virus might be weaker than that which we have seen in the past, the main reasons for concern at this time are:
* To protect the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. If we collectively can save one person from serious illness or worse C'V then it will all have been worth it.
* To avoid prolonged quarantine to those exposed to the virus and their families.
* To avoid closures of schools and shuls (potentially affecting the upcoming Yamim Noraim).

What can we do to ensure that this "uptick" doesn't turn into an actual "outbreak"?
* Continue to practice social distancing when possible and even when inconvenient or uncomfortable.
* Continue to wear a mask whenever at all possible and certainly whenever entering an area where proper social distancing is not possible.
* Continue to be VERY aware of your own health. If you or a family member are experiencing any symptoms whatsoever, please DO NOT go to a store, shul or school until consulting with your physician or other medical professional.

Please consult with your children's physicians as to whether or not it is necessary to test them upon returning home from sleepaway camp; please refer to each individual school to find out their particular protocols in advance of the impending school year.

Please continue to remain calm but cognizant of the uptick in cases. As always, we are in touch with local physicians and hospitals and will keep the community apprised of any pertinent data.

Stay well,

Team Achiezer

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