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Erev Rosh Hashana Updates from Achiezer
September 16, 2020
Dear Community,

As we head into a New Year, we wish to update the Community on the following various topics:


Recent positive cases continue to remind us that the COVID19 pandemic is unfortunately not behind us. While thankfully many of those infected have not reported to be in serious condition, there are several of our own community members who have found themselves in serious and some in grave condition. This is cause for our continued vigilance; namely, social distancing when possible, wearing a mask in any public areas and adhering to quarantine guidelines set forth by the CDC and local physicians. The foregoing can make all the difference in finally and completely eradicating the spread of COVID in our community.

For specific quarantine or exposure related questions, please refer to your primary care physician. If he or she is unavailable, you can reach out to our task force by e-mailing covid19@achiezer.org. As a reminder, please do not e-mail regarding any urgent or life-threatening matters.


Although this year poses a unique challenge, we are once again offering this vital service to the elderly, homebound and individuals who cannot make it to shul this year. In order to practice social distancing, we will be setting up outdoor Shofar Blowing on Sunday at various outdoor locations throughout the community. If you would like to volunteer for this service, or if you know someone that requires this service, please email arosenberg@achiezer.org.


While some of our Respite Rooms remain closed because of COVID19 restrictions, we are pleased to announce that our Respite Rooms at Long Island Jewish Hospital (Katz Building), South Nassau Communities Hospital and St. John's Episcopal Hospital will all be fully stocked for Yom Tov. For anyone spending Yom Tov in any other local hospital, please email meals@achiezer.org to arrange for Meals 'n More package delivery.

For any questions related to spending Yom Tov in the hospital, please email awartelsky@achiezer.org.


If you are aware of any of our community members who will be isolated or forced to spend Yom Tov alone, please let us know by sending an email to rstefansky@achiezer.org.


As always, throughout the Yomim Noraim, our 24-hour Urgent Hotline will be manned for any urgent or life-threatening matters. Additionally, our Zichron Dovid Chevra Kadisha is prepared to assist with any potential deaths which may arise. The Chevra Kadisha can also be accessed through our 24-hour Hotline by following the prompts. As a reminder, the Phone Number is (516) 791-4444.

תִכְלֶה שָנָה וְקלְלותֶיהָ
תָחֵל שָנָה ובִרכותֶיה

B'Birchas Kesiva V'Chasima Tova,

Team Achiezer

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