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INCREDIBLE: Achiezer's Camp Campaign Draws Unprecedented Support
June 17, 2021
Achiezer is an organization everyone loves, and for good reason, but there's something extra special about the response this year to Achiezer's Annual Camp Campaign. The response- like the campaign itself- was absolutely extraordinary. In fact, it was like nothing anyone in our community had ever seen before. The campaign, thanks to the support of our selfless community members, will ensure that every child can attend summer camp this year no matter what their parents' financial state is.
Achiezer launched what most would say was quite a daring campaign. The goal was to raise $250,000 in 36 hours. Impossible? Some might have thought so.
But with a community like ours, nothing is impossible.
Astoundingly, the $250,000 goal was reached in just three hours. You read that right. Three hours.
The overwhelming outpouring of generosity and encouragement from residents across our community prompted Achiezer to up the ante, putting forth a bonus goal right away, thereby enabling applicants from the waiting list to access funds. This goal was achieved within 6 hours. The Achiezer team then added yet a higher goal, hitting that mark as well by the end of the first 24 hours.
Hundreds more donors participated in this year's campaign than in past ones, a demonstration of the growth of awareness of the need for assistance to those who would otherwise be unable to send their children to camp.
We've been through an unprecedented 15 months, with the Covid pandemic and all that it entailed. Children were out of school for months, cooped up at home. Many youth didn't get to attend camp last summer due to the Covid closures. The need for camp this summer is greater than ever, and Achiezer's Camp Campaign- indeed, every dollar that was raised as none of these funds go towards Achiezer's budget- will make certain that any and every child can experience the growth and exhilaration of camp.
"This campaign is going to assist your very own relatives, your friends, your neighbors- really anyone who is in need of financial assistance so that their children can attend camp," says Achiezer President Boruch Ber Bender. "These are people in our very own neighborhoods, whose children will be able to experience a fulfilling summer thanks to your generosity."
The unprecedented speed with which the funds were raised is a testament to the unique relationship that exists between Achiezer and the community it so faithfully serves.
The diversity is likewise so impressive.
"From Far Rockaway, Lawrence and Cedarhurst to Woodmere, Atlantic Beach, Bayswater and everywhere in between, every segment of our community was represented in this unified effort to come to the aid of our friends and neighbors," added Rabbi Bender. "The community is on a high and our staff is on high due to what has been accomplished here. We have no words to describe just how special this is."
The funds raised will pay for day camp, sleep-away camp, and also special needs camp, which can be very costly for parents.
Speaking to those involved in online campaigns and fundraisers, it becomes clear that there has never been anything like this before.
"I am proud to have been given the opportunity to participate in Achiezer's Camp Campaign and ensure that every Jewish child has a chance to go to camp," said one donor. "It's a unique zechus, and really our responsibility, to join together for such an important cause."
"This was a campaign by the community for the community," explained Aliza Wartelsky of Achiezer's Family Crisis Division. "We are helping people in our own backyards, those who live amongst us, giving every child the precious opportunity to attend camp, making so many children's dreams come true."

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