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CIMBY is Back!
May 10, 2022
After a more than two-year hiatus due to Covid and its related restrictions, CIMBY is back!

CIMBY is a fresh initiative spearheaded by the team at Achiezer, encouraging individuals to engage in acts of kindness right in our own community.

Born from the combination of Achiezer's commitment to providing life-changing chesed services and the tremendous support from passionate volunteers teaming up for the greater good, CIMBY- which stands for "Chesed In My Backyard"- is a dynamic opportunity to be a part of a community of dedicated chesed-enthusiasts and provide for those in need.

Join hundreds of fellow volunteers and make a difference.

During Covid, a CIMBY "virtual" event was held. Now, CIMBY is back, live and in person, with a "junior" version slated for Sunday, May 22. An adult CIMBY event is planned for after the summer.

CIMBY Jr. is a 2K Run event, with youth from all over coming out and joining members of the community on behalf of this worthy cause. Runners and their families will come together for a fun-filled event featuring an invigorating run, savory bites, and a grand concert. With loud cheers from friends and family- and a little help from tantalizing barbecue aromas- these young men will push themselves to the finish line.

This year, Achiezer is also offering a wide-ranging and thrilling scavenger hunt with fun for the entire family, adding another twist to this exciting event.

All the funds from this year's CIMBY event are being earmarked to pay for local children to attend summer camp, a vital need in our community; what's not to like about that.

There are limited openings, so register today!

Past events have been a triumph fueled by generosity and goodwill, successfully providing an opportunity for community members to come together as one in support of a community organization that while based here in our community, is arguably the busiest and most sought-after Jewish chesed resource in the nation.

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