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Their Summer Starts With You
May 22, 2024
Summer camp.
It's more than just camp, and it's more than just summer.
It's an all-encompassing experience, and a very necessary one for a child's development and nurturing.
At one point in time, people might have argued that summer camp is a luxury. No more. It is now widely recognized, by parents, educators, and really anyone paying attention, that camp is an absolute necessity for children.

Achiezer's Summer Camp Campaign is extraordinary in its scope and reach. This campaign ensures that every child can attend summer camp no matter what their parents' financial state is. The number of people impacted by the Achiezer Camp Campaign is hard to quantify.

We assist your very own relatives, your friends, your neighbors- really anyone who is in need of financial assistance so that their children can go to camp.
We provide funding for day camp, sleep-away camp, and also special needs camp, which can be very costly.

We need the participation of everyone in our community. There are so many applicants, who as of this moment, will be unable to send their children to camp this summer. It just isn't an option. This fund, this opportunity and this community can reverse this difficult predicament for hundreds of children and their families.
Make a child's dream come true by donating at www.achiezer.org/camp today. The lives you will touch will have an everlasting impact well beyond the summer of 2024.

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